Monday 14 January 2013

So much. Too much? #MoocsAndMe

Week 1 continued. I think so far I've spent about 3 hours on the OLDS MOOC not counting blogging about it. My aim is to spend 3 - 4 hours a week if possible.
Next task - Team Up, form a team for learning design project. Rather than starting one I thought I'd look at the ones that have been set up so far and try to join in. The next task is to find or start a study circle so I thought I'd try to combine these tasks. The study circle is supposed to be based on a project team or a group at your institution or living in your area. So that's why they wanted your institution in your profile. Not sure how to match up the idea of a MOOC with a meetup in your home area - somehow that is difficult to put into perspective or practice. (Especially recommending which I have joined as a social f2f get together thing in Edinburgh but not sure it's right for this context). Or you can set up a shared space e.g. Cloudspace, Facebook, google group or create a cloud etc.

Ok, stop - just a minute - we've now reached saturation point and I'm just skimming and skating across the surface. I am in week 1 of this course and so far I have used the following:
A website
2 google groups/discussion forums
Google +
Blogs (my own plus reading others)
And now we are having study circles both online and in real google hangouts.

Also I don't know how many people are actually participating in this course. Presumably some are just reading and some taking part. It could be 1,000 or 10,000, I really don't know. We are creating 'stuff' - how much stuff? Will anyone read anyone else's stuff or is there not enough time as you're too busy creating??

So I need to filter and also put in place my own filtering system. I went to look for a study circle or group, to Cloudworks, found a digilit study circle - sign in? Log in? - followed and posted to discussion. Found Digital identity and Social Media group - followed and posted to discussion. I then found a study circle for anyone living in Edinburgh 'auld reekie learners' :)

Still more of week 1 to go - I'm still interested and hopefully I'll work out which parts are valuable to me and that I can learn from.
Oh, and I don't know how to embed my blog into anything that's part of the course as a reflection so will just have to do what I usually do and post a link from twitter.

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  1. Hi Claire

    Yes there are a lot of new things to try out. You can add a link to your posts into clouds on cloudworks too if that helps.

    Best wishes