Wednesday 16 January 2013

Not inclined to converge #MoocsAndMe

Next activity for week 1 was entitled Converge. I followed link from website to video of open google hangout session which had happened yesterday I think.
First question posed by one facilitator to each other 'Can you get personalized learning through a MOOC?' The answer was basically that it is up to you as a participant rather than the designers of the course. Designers provide scaffolding.
A participant did try to take part but problems with audio.
'What are good projects?'
'There are lots of interesting projects - difficult to engage with them all' (hmm, yes indeed)
'One interesting project about virtual world for future digital literacies'.
'Virtual dream bazaar as an environment with tents and flags....'
Then the other facilitator managed to join in etc. etc.

So that was 12 minutes into the hour long recording but I wasn't really engaging with it. It was too slow paced for me and I'm not sure what we were supposed to be getting out of this. If it was a conversation then should it have been an activity? If it was a discussion / presentation then it needed more structure.

Last activity of week 1 - a reflection so that's what I'm going to do now. I'll write it as a usual blog post then try and embed it in a cloud :)

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