Wednesday 30 January 2013

Ideate #oldsmooc #MoocsAndMe

Week 3 is entitled Ideate. It's about visualizing and forming ideas of learning design.
I'm considering the approach that I use for designing learning or have used in the past. I usually start with the learner, what they need or want to learn and what the outcomes need to be. Then how this fits into the bigger picture. The bigger picture can include the whole programme of study or course and the institutional requirements. It also includes the time constraints or more exactly 'how much time have we got' or 'when does this have to be finished by'. Then the exciting part which is seeing how the learning resources and technologies match up, meet and help facilitate the learning.
Once there is an outline or basic structure then this can be filled out, adapted, changed and developed by colleagues, learners and other interested parties. The ideas come from shared good practice at events, conferences and research.
The difficulties can be that it is difficult to explain at the beginning of a design how you envisage the design journey and how it is going to evolve. The difficulty further down the line is that you can get so involved and embedded in the process that it is difficult to stand back and explain objectively how it is developing.

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