Saturday 12 March 2011


Prezi is a great resource for making dynamic presentations
I found it quite difficult at first to create the presentations so you need to dedicate some time to practicing but they look good and have impact as it is something different.
We created one for our Curriculum Liaison presentations. 

Digital Nativity (Christmas 2.0)

This YouTube clip of the digital nativity is one of the best resources I've seen. I've watched it quite a few times and it is just so clever. It's fascinating because it's taking a traditional story with so much meaning (whether you believe it or not) & looking at it from a modern perspective. It doesn't criticise it or belittle it but just makes you wonder what would have happened if it had been now.
The other brilliant thing about it is that it has given me some ideas for how a similar format could be used to either advertise events or tell a story or evaluate an activity.