Saturday 12 July 2014

ALT Scotland SIG - Open Scotland event

I attended the Open Scotland event on 3rd June 2014 at the University of Edinburgh.  The event aimed to "provide an opportunity for  ALT Scotland SIG members and the wider community to come together and share ideas and experiences of adopting and promoting open educational practices across all sectors of Scottish education"

Notes from the best bits:

Jonathan Worth @jonathan_worth #phonar an editorial photographer gave a great presentation that was very engaging. He explained that images have different properties to photographs - what is the product? Anyone can take a photograph and it's not possible to limit the sharing of photographs once they are on the web so the photograph has to be an image with a value. 
It is necessary to rethink what the product is as a photographer and 
Rethink what product is as a teacher
Digital fluency of images
A library is just a room full of books until a librarian takes you through it.....
Take the class where the 'fish are already swimming' in the cloud and aggregate everything back to the hub

Sheila McNeil @sheilmcn - interesting presentation about the idea of a Digital University
Key themes - Digital Participation, Information Literacy, Learning Environments, Curriculum and Course Design.

Emerging themes
Infrastructure - digital and physical
Digital literacy - staff and students
Learning and teaching technology implementation plans
Open Education
Cohering around student engagement
How we use our data. Map of online activity within a university. Sense of place as a digital hub.

Ian Stewart and John Johnstone, GLOWGLOW interesting problems
Data protection
Child protection
Engagement of teachers
Government, ip
Local authorities ip
Office 365 within email 365 accessed via GLOW

Lorna M Campbell, Cetis: Scottish Open Education Declaration

Open Scotland is a cross sector initiative
Open to everyone
Open Scotland summit 2013
Scottish Open Education Declaration drafted - an open community draft

Need a culture shift - Capacity building to enable educators to do this
Brand awareness - marketing - publicity
Openness - journey from informal to formal learning
Can support the declaration, can sign up to it
It's better to campaign for something than against something

Suzanne Scott, Borders College presented about Open Badges
It was a really interesting 
presentation and useful and practical - something definitely to try to introduce for cpd hopefully

I didn't take any notes as I was concentrating on the content so will have to find a link to the slides.

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