Tuesday 6 May 2014

ocTEL activity: Reflecting on strategies for Learning Technology #ocTEL

A reflection on Learning Technology Strategies:

A: If you have your own example, reflect on these questions:
  • Did you contribute to the strategy, if so, in what capacity?
    I have contributed to Learning Technology Strategies as a Learning Technologist and as a Manager
  • Is the main focus of the strategy on Learning Technology, or if not, what is its main focus?
    Focus of the strategy should be on the learning and it depends whether the learning technology or eLearning strategy is part of a Teaching and Learning strategy or a stand alone document.  It also depends whether it is a strategy for a department, directorate or service as this has often been the case in my experience.
  • How often is it reviewed and is it flexible enough to adapt as things change?
    Strategies tend to be for 3 year periods but that is too long if you want your strategy to remain relevant.  So you've either got to shorten the lifetime of the strategy or make it a dynamic live document that you can review and adapt as you go along.
  • Does the strategy impact on your practice and if so, how? If not, why?
    I think that the strategies that I'm involved with now impact more on practice as there is more emphasis on delivering an enhanced student experience.
  • Finally, if you were to provide input to a new version, what, if any, changes would you make to it?
    More flexibility, more dynamic, more customer focused, more service delivery focused, more blended learning, more opportunities to evolve to meet demands.

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