Friday 6 January 2012

Mini Umbrella - CILIPNE and Northumbria Uni

On 23rd November Tracey (Library Services Manager), James (e-Learning Manager) and myself presented at the CILIP Mini Umbrella event at Northumbria University.  It was a well attended event with some excellent presentations.
The theme of the event was 'Bleak House or Great Expectations' and we decided to continue the Dickens theme on a positive note with our presentation entitled 'The New Curiosity Shop - what's on offer today?'
We outlined the services we offer, library / e-learning, to our students to meet their expectations and needs.  We concentrated on three areas 1. Minimum requirements - robust service 2. More with less - making the best use of the resources we have e.g. the VLE and the use of free resources 3. Innovations - investing in worthwhile new resources such as 3D and mobile applications.
Our presentation went well and we had positive feedback.  The best comment I thought was that someone said they admired our 'can do' attitude and our ability to make the most of everything.  Hopefully that sums us up and reflects the amount of hard work we do to provide our students with the best possible learning resources.  The most unexpected comment was that someone found our presentation 'amusing' - I'm not sure that was one of our aims but as long as it's positive, we'll take it.

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