Saturday 26 November 2011

HEBP Technology Enhanced Learning Group - October 27th

As a FE College in the Tees Valley we are part of the Higher Education Business Partnership (HEBP) with Teesside University.  There are various HEBP groups which connect the Colleges and the University.  The two which I am part of are the Technology Enhanced Learning Group (TEL) and the Librarians group.  The Librarians group doesn't meet very often although there is a Information Literacy sub group which has met more frequently.
The Technology Enhanced  Learning Group (TEL) meets quite regularly, approx every half term and has been really interesting.  A couple of years ago it seemed to be quite random and the discussions seemed to go round without coming to any conclusion.  This is quite frustrating for someone like me that is impatient and likes to have actions and see results but that is a failing on my part in some situations.  It highlights the differences between FE and HE and encourages me to be more thoughtful and consider the options.  In the last two years the group has become much more focused and the meetings have been themed and included some presentations.  It has given me the opportunity to collaborate with Learning Technology people in HE and compare good practice.  It has shown how some topics such as e-marking and e-assessment are looked at differently and institutional policies.  It has been interesting to look at student feedback from the different organisations and to see how this impacts on developments.  I think that some of the good practice that we have at our College especially using the Interactive Whiteboards has been useful to share.
The group is being reviewed as part of a teaching & learning review at the University - I hope that it continues to meet and that we have the opportunity to continue to liaise.

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