Monday 5 May 2014

ocTEL Just dipping in....... #ocTEL

Lunchtime at work and just dipping in to see what's happening with ocTEL.  ocTEL is an online course, a MOOC, being run by the Association for Learning Technology (ALT).  This is the second running of the course (I did participate last time) and it consists of six weeks activities plus an induction week. 

I'm not sure what the recommended time is to spend on the course activities each week is - I suspect about 5 hours but it is very flexible.  There is also a 'If you only do one thing....... suggestion which helps if you are undecided what to do each week or feel overwhelmed with the many possibilities.

Anyhow as I'm short of time / too busy at work I'm going to spend half an hour a day skimming across the surface and see what happens.  As usual when participating in a MOOC, I turn off any automatic notifications or membership of lists so that there is hardly anything coming through and then gradually turn them back on as required and as the course progresses.  That initial enthusiasm when everyone contributes frequently and slightly manically, is too much for me. This may sound a little non-participatory but with MOOCs you have to find your own way of working and filtering and make a conscious choice about how it is going to work for you.  I always follow the hashtag on twitter so if there is something urgent or in fact very interesting, I'll pick it up from there.

So straight to week 1 - Concepts and Strategies for Learning Technology.
A badge - a Check-in Badge.  Great - I'm definitely one of those people motivated by badges - easily pleased or perhaps I like learning in small achievable chunks.  I hope that is not true most of the time in my work but for this purpose, that's fine.

You also get a badge for completing the 'if you only do one thing....' and for participating in the webinar.  So that's two more targets for this week - and the half hour is gone - until tomorrow.

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