Thursday 7 November 2013

Gifford Lectures

On Monday, T2 and I went to listen to Lord Williams deliver one of the Gifford Lectures.
The lecture was entitled Representing Reality and was about language and natural theology. It was very interesting and very complex. A great speaker obviously and so clever as it felt like you were being taken on a journey through an argument and it didn't matter if you didn't understand it all but it was utterly convincing.
The only part that I made a note of was:
Think to the edge of what can be said. The edge of descriptive language. There is no answer but a mode of consciousness which eludes characterisation.
The venue in New College, Uni of Edinburgh is beautiful and peaceful. T2 is doing Classics and Divinity now so often there. It's nice to spend time with him going to events like this although it does make us seem slightly nerdy as a family.

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