Monday 14 January 2013

A cloudy start to week 1 #MoocsAndMe

On Saturday I revisited the OLDS MOOC website to participate in some week 1 activities. The image on the website has changed but basic details the same then scroll down to discussion groups and to twitter feed. Also scroll down to - no idea what this is and link leads to error message.
So to the course tab Week 1 : Initiate. A wordle image (good and quite appealing) Then list of activities for each day (too prescriptive?). Thursdays activities - first activity is to introduce yourself and say what hopes you have of MOOC. It's slightly confusing because you click on the link thinking it will take you to the place to contribute but because anyone can read but you have to log in to post, you then have to log in somewhere.
I must admit that I was a bit slow to catch onto to this and went back to website and then to MOOC environment tab and then tools, networks and communications looking for place to log in. Then realized I needed to sign into google with my usual account to access and then back to discussion. Lots of threads. Found one that said 'what do you hope to get out of this MOOC?'(119 posts by 94 authors). Posted a reply.
Not enough time to go back and look at all the posts but skimmed through some.
Back to week 1 - next activity - set up personal work space and set personal objectives for week. Link to personal learning space - this involves registering with Cloudworks (oh dear), setting up profile (asked for institution - why?) then a cloudscape then a cloud. Set up created account, then tried to create cloudscape - not sure why I'm creating a cloudscape....'a cloudscape is a collection of clouds'....I don't have any clouds....ok, I'll create a cloud instead...created. Message 'your cloud is being moderated'
:(( giving up on all cloud related activities.
Back to week 1 activities. View and discuss presentation. Oh, it's a prezi. Lots of text (why is this a prezi?) watched again on - still too much text (if you're meant to watch it later as suggested then why have as a prezi with embedded images of text?) will go back and watch again later.
Next activity - dreambazaar - (followed 43 attending 48) - ok, it's more cloud related stuff - create a cloud 'what is your dream technological pedagogical innovation?' No cloud creating for me so skimmed through other entries.
The above tasks took me about 1 hour. I'm not sure why I'm feeling negative about it. Ok, the Cloudworks features and functionality have been disappointing. Not only because I got error messages but because it seems far too much and far too complicated for the purpose. It's as if the purpose is to use as many features as possible and create as big a space as possible. And this is only half way through week 1....

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