Friday 6 January 2012

New and Emerging Technologies in Education

The 'New and Emerging Technologies in Education' event was held at Netskills at Newcastle University and organised by JISC RSC Northern.  Unfortunately it was on 30th November which turned out to be a Strike Day which affected travel and also meant that I could only stay for part of the day. 
I had offered to do a presentation about our 3D Induction experience which we have successfully used since September.  It was created for us by Amazing Interactives which is a local company.  Pravin, from Amazing Interactives, was also presenting although because of travel problems we changed the order so i did my presentation first and then he showed more examples.
Our 3D Induction is based on a 3D model of the LRC and a walkthrough of the whole area with 3D 'instances' or events that happen to show the different services or resources we offer.

The next presentation was by Steve Boneham from Netskills about QR codes and Augmented Reality.
It was really interesting with good activities, resources and handouts.

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