Thursday 8 September 2011

PechaKucha Tuesday ALT-C 2011

The PechaKucha sessions were really excellent and because of the fast pace had to be interesting and capture the attention of the audience.  The sessions I went to were on the Tuesday afternoon.  The presentation is a demonstration of the ePoster that was submitted.
The ones I really enjoyed were Tim Neumann's Matchmaking Learning Technologists and Flourishing Collaborations and also Steve Bunce's Arduino culture – Creative collaboration inside and outside of school.  I liked Tim's because the slides were really impressive and cool and he was great at delivering it - funny and informative which is a difficult combination.
I liked Steve's because it was related to practical activities and schools and it was cool and he was knowledgeable and made you want to know more about it.  You could see how kids would want to be involved in the learning.  

In the next session, the graveyard slot, I did a PechaKucha about Showing off a Learning Resources Centre - it went ok I think and the infographics on the slides looked good.
The advantages of PechaKucha are that the slides have to be engaging - in fact a lot of other sessions could do with making the presentation slides a bit more upbeat rather than a series of bullet pointed text or graphs that you can't see properly.
The only disappointing thing was that the display shows two screens - one should have been the presentation and one the ePoster but they both showed the presentation.  I would have liked to see the ePosters at the same time as the presenter was delivering.  

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