Friday 29 July 2011

New Mp4 Camcorders - Sony Bloggies

We have just bought some new camcorders to add to our collection of 'Learning Technologies for Loan'.
We have been using Flip cameras very successfully for the last 2 years and they are very popular with staff and students.  We decided to go for something different this time for a change and because the Flips are not being produced anymore.  I decided to get a selection of the different models - our e-Learning Technologist and Apprentice LRC Assistant are testing them this week and producing a mini helpsheet.  They will be ready to loan out from mid August and we will do some short training sessions to show staff how to use them.

(Interestingly, I don't know why this image is upsidedown - it is not upsidedown on the computer in the folder where it is saved.  To try and correct it I turned it the other way up in the folder and uploaded it again and lo and behold it was still upsidedown)

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